What is the charge time required for optimal performance?
For a full charge, this product takes 3 hours in full sun and up to 8 hours in overcast conditions.

What is the discharge time after a complete charge?
This product will stay light for over 16 hours, far longer than necessary for nighttime needs.

How bright are the lights?
The LED lights can be seen from over a mile away.

What colors do the lights come in?
The light covers come in white, red, green, blue, or yellow.

Is this product waterproof?
Yes. This product is IP68 rated which means it is water, dust, dirt and sand proof.

Can this product be submerged in water?
Yes. The IP68 rating allows for it to be submerged up to 30 feet; however, we recommend no more than 3 feet to obtain a sufficient charge.

Does this product require batteries?
Unlike inferior solar lights in the market place, this product does not require batteries.

Does this product require wiring?
No. This product operates completely off grid; thereby, reducing emissions into the environment.

What is POWRtech Technology?
This product is made using proprietary and patented processes that deliver one-of-a-kind performance in the solar industry. By utilizing a pseudocapacitor with a 100,000 charge/discharge capacity instead of a battery that offers 1,000 charge/discharge capacity, the product’s lifespan is unrivaled.

Dos this product have an “On/Off” Switch?
This product does not require a switch to operate. The LED’s discharge well before dust and well after dawn.

What is the life expectancy of this product?
You can expect efficient functionality for 10+ years. Although, we don’t honestly know since units that have been installed well over a decade ago are working like they did on the first day.

What is the warranty?
3 Years

What if the product fails in the warranty period?
Contact NRG Safe and customer service will replace your unit.